1. Receive

An unreleased melody loop by Illmind sent to your inbox EVERY FRIDAY

2. Create

Make full beats using the loops and send them back to Illmind (placement potential)

3. Stay Inspired

Illmind motivational gems + blogs/newsletter delivered EVERY DAY

Receive fresh loops + Inspirational Gems, every week to your INBOX

Stay motivated, excited and inspired. Let Illmind deliver quality sounds & motivational blogs/gems with a hyper-focus on purpose, life, creativity and joy. The perfect membership to stay in tip-top shape through your journey as a music creator.



Receive unreleased 🔥 Illmind Loops at LEAST once/week. Send your finished beats back to Illmind for potential placement.



Stay tapped in to the mind of "ill" with fully published weekly motivational blog posts/newsletter, written by the man himself.



It's like a mentorship from afar, through collaboration (loops) and gem dropping 💎 from one of the most profound thinkers in the industry.


Start your journey with Illmind today

Get the gems 💎 and loops 🔥 you need to level up

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Droppin' Gems VIP Membership

+ Unreleased royalty-free Illmind melody loop delivered every FRIDAY (at least one) + Motivational blog/newsletter every MONDAY + Tidbits and random gems from Illmind EVERY WEEKDAY.

14.99 USD / month

Congrats! You are now a Droppin' Gems Illmind VIP Member.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens as soon as I sign up?

Just sit back and keep an eye on your email inbox. The goodies will start rolling in. When you create a beat using one of the Illmind loops, DON'T FORGET to send it back to him for potential major placement.

How do I cancel my membership??

Just open one of the emails you received, scroll to the bottom and click "Unsubscribe". That's it! No hassles. You're also welcome back anytime (although you'll miss all of the one-time exclusives while you're away).

Are the melody loops royalty-free?

In most cases, YES. No need for clearance or splitting royalty/publishing with Illmind UNLESS he likes your beat and shops it for placement. If a major placement is made, splits will be handled. That's a big deal! Everybody eats.

Is this different from IPC, SOK, etc?

YES. Droppin' Gems VIP is an exclusive members only experience utilizing content deployment via email. Super easy. Straight to the point. No hassles.


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